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Industrial Waste to Energy

In Telangana, the major industries producing wastes, which have high potential for energy generation, include distilleries, sugarcane press mud, dairy industry waste, paper & pulp, poultry, abattoir etc. The gross estimation of power potential from industrial wastes is 175 MW.Waste generation due to domestic, commercial and industrial activities is not a new thing. It was not considered a problem just a few decades ago since it was manageable.

The post industrial revolution era saw rapid urbanization and industrialization resulting in large-scale waste generation concentrated at certain urban centeINR.

Large quantities of inorganic degradable waste along with organic degradable waste are being generated from the industries in the state. Disposal in the open of these types of waste from industries causes damage to environment. Hence, the Government has decided to give encouragement to some extent to power generation from these wastes.

In this context State Government vide. G.O. Ms. No. 253, E & F (RES) Department, dated 15-11-94 to sanction the Municipal Solid Waste/Industrial Waste based Power projects of capacity up to 20 MW. Telangana is having various Industries which generate effluents. These effluents are to be treated to have value added product. The waste generated from Industries like starch, palm oil, distilleries, dairy, poultry, furfural etc., can be treated to generate Electricity.

A target of 175 MW has been fixed under this GO. Organic degradable and in-organic degradable types of waste have been included and policy benefits are as follows -

  • Electricity Duty – exempted for captive consumption upto 10 years from date of commissioning.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi declared Central policy for Biomass Power and Bagasse Cogeneration.


For more information please visit the website of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy , New Delhi: for more details.

Telangana Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd., (TGREDCO)

(A State Government. Company)

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